Tomiki Aikido Shodokan Arizona is more than just a martial arts organization formed to teach self defense.  The purposes for which this Not-For-Profit corporation was formed include:

  • To teach and promote the practice and study of Tomiki Aikido which enables students to benefit physically and mentally by developing a calm and healthy sense of well being.

  • To teach and promote Tomiki Aikido training for those who wish to learn an effective method of self defense.

  • To teach and promote the practice and study of Tomiki Aikido for adults and children in order that they may grow physically and mentally alert, with confidence and a positive attitude toward life.  This training teaches respect for all people and is fundamentally non violent. Aikido is primarily a defensive martial art.

  • To provide, develop, conduct, operate and maintain a dojo (school) for its members where these teachings may be learned under the supervision of teachers who are qualified to teach these techniques.

  • To actively pursue a national organization for the amateur sport of International Tomiki Aikido Competition.

  • To attempt to obtain recognition as an Olympic Sport for Aikido competition.

  • To help provide financial aid to qualified personnel, not limited to members, for travel and lodging for domestic or international competitions.

  • To aid in providing or locating qualified instructors for the Sport of Tomiki Aikido.

  • To help provide and communicate information of Aikido training centers, either domestic or international.

  • To conduct Tomiki Aikido seminars for the public. These Public demonstrations, exhibitions and similar events will be scheduled in order to introduce the basic concepts of these teachings to the general public.

  • In addition to regular classes and seminars, similar events will be held to provide special training by guest teachers.

  • To provide a facility open to all persons interested in its purposes, irrespective of race, sex, religion, color and/or national or ethnic origin.
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