Aikido was envisioned by its founder as a means of achieving peace and harmony - individually, socially and spiritually. Although it is a martial art, this is its core value.  Aikido aims to neutralize an aggressor without unduly harming him, "peacefully" resolving a violent encounter and leaving open the possibility of reconciliation, and eventually true peace. The essence of Aikido is learning from a Sensei in a Dojo by working with other students.  The relationship among teacher and participants, participant and participant is one of trust, mutual communication and cooperation. It assists participants in coping with daily stress and frustrations, strengthening them, regardless of religious affiliation. For these reasons, we believe the existence and expansion of Tomiki Aikido Shodkan Arizona will benefit the community as a whole.

As we have described to you above, although our current operations are modest,  our goals are ambitious. If we are to achieve them, attract new students and offer expanded services to the community in a manner that is affordable, we will need the financial support of sponsors. If you are impressed by what you have read, please consider pledging your support to Tomiki Aikido Shodokan Arizona. For further information on sponsorship, Please contact us.

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